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Is Reading Ebooks Less Useful Than Reading Traditional Books?Is Reading Ebooks Less Useful Than Reading Traditional Books?

Neither ebooks nor traditional books are less in value; what matters between them is your preference. Each version has its benefits and drawbacks, and what you choose depends on a range of factors. For instance, an ebook reader app can hold as many books as possible, while it is not possible when you are handling ebooks. It is difficult to pack loads of books in your bag and carry it around due to health issues.

To use apps to read ebook, you would have to install the app on your computer, phone or other relevant electronics. If you want to get one such electronic, you should read reviews about online computer stores on BritainReviews to know the right store to buy the electronic from as well as the type of electronic to buy.

Is Reading Ebooks Less Useful Than Reading Traditional Books

Besides, an ebook comes in handy when you want to read while travelling or always want to have something to read with you. ebooks are also eco-conscious as they reduce the carbon footprints on the world. However, ebooks can be shared with the author’s loss. For instance, one person may buy an ebook and share it with others. This means losses for the author as each of the people was meant to buy one each rather than share.

On the other hand, printed books have a nostalgia factor. For some people, they prefer printed books because of their eye health while others desire the feel and smell of a physical book in their hands. Also, the sensory experience that comes with reading a physical book is surreal. However, printed books cannot be shared, unlike ebooks. Furthermore, the cost of printing, publishing, shipping, delivery, etc. makes printed books prohibitive for most authors. As such, there is no inferior nor superior between ebooks and printed books. Either ebooks or printed copies, here are tips for reading effectively:

Ask questions before you start reading

Knowing what the basic idea of a book about provides a foundation you can build on. You should ask yourself what you already know, what more do you want to know, and what your overall imaginations are. As such, this helps you to read purposefully.

Take pauses

Reading without stop till you finish the whole book isn’t advised. You need to pause for a while, especially after reading a difficult section before you continue. By doing this, you are evaluating what you have read and allowing your mind to absorb it too. This way, the information stays longer in your head.


Another tip for effective reading is to visualize what you have read. Picture what the scenes described look like in your head. Visualizations help you to better retain what you are reading and be creative with it if need be. Besides, you can recognize similar events when they happen.

Take notes

A popular adage says that the faintest ink is better than the sharpest memory. You should not rely on your memory to remember all you have read. Take notes; you can always revisit your notes when you forget what you have learned. Get a jotter to put down your thoughts. Your notes should be brief and should only contain the main ideas. You can use headings and subheadings to make it easier for you to read. Also, write down your points in a way that you can easily remember since you are writing for yourself.

4 Ways Education Apps Has Helped Education.4 Ways Education Apps Has Helped Education.

4 Ways Education Apps Has Helped Education.

Technology in itself has rapidly developed over the decade. Its effect has not only been felt in the business industry but also in the education sector.

Everyday education-based tech companies are coming up with new technologies that are used to help both students and faculty members in the process of learning.

4 Ways Education Apps Has Helped Education.

Many systems have been designed and developed that have revolutionized and greatly impacted the whole education landscape as a whole.

Technological advancements have gone a long way to change and better conventional learning methods.

Also, educational apps have raised in demand and need especially after face to face traditional learning was put to a halt.

This is following the rise and spread of the contagious disease COVID-19, which forced the governments to close all learning institutions to prevent any further infections and to contain the spread.

Take a look at some of the reviews made by people on different company changes on especially during and after the pandemic.

Therefore, to endorse distant learning, various educational institutions turned to educational apps to assist their faculty members and students to quickly adapt to virtual learning.

This was majorly propagated due to the educational apps’ effectiveness, convenience and ability to easily understand.

Meaning students can easily access their course content and learning materials through their mobile phones.

Let us take a look more closely at some of the ways educational apps have eased the process of learning and improved education generally.

Educational apps are more personalized.

In a traditional class setup, it is a little bit difficult for an instructor to constantly take count of every student’s progress.

Determining the retention rates of each student or how much knowledge they have grasped is difficult and needy students easily slip through the cracks till the main exams.

Also, students find it difficult to keep up with the pace that the rest of the class is going at.

However, with the educational apps, constant assessment and surveys can easily alert the instructors on the progress of each student.

This means the instructor can focus on certain students or pay close attention to certain topics that the student perhaps have not grasped well and curate personalized materials to meet every single student’s needs.

Read some insight on some e-learning online courses academies and determine how customizable their platforms can get.

Educational apps are live 24/7.

Educational apps are easily accessible wherever and whenever you need to access your course content or any learning material, you can easily do so.

This is in definite contrast to traditional face to face institutions where there is a specific predefined time that they are available or you can access learning materials from.

You do not need to wait for any time to reach out to an expert, a mobile education app solves this since seeking help from your instructor is as easy as sending a message.

If you have any queries or confusion, consider them solved.

Educational apps can be accessed remotely.

Missing lectures, or running late for a lecture is a long-gone problem with educational apps.

Students can easily be updated and keep track of their curriculum and their instructors progress using the app.

The app provides pre-recorded lecture content, different learning materials and instructors comments and updates.

This also means that geographical constraints are no longer a setback. Students from different parts of the globe can all access similar lecture content from wherever they are.

No more writing after your lecture or taking down notes while they dictate since all the course materials are available in the application saving students a great deal of time.

In any case, you did not understand anything, with the educational app, you can go back and review lecture materials for further understanding.

Educational apps are dynamic.

In this modern-day and age where new information is being added every day, it is difficult for traditional class settings where they use textbooks, it is difficult to update these textbooks with current information.

However, with educational apps platforms, including new information is easy allowing students to learn about new developments that are relevant to the current day and time.

Students’ credibility also increases since they are updated with current developing information.


It is fair to conclude that educational applications have come as a solution to some of the inevitable drawbacks traditional education faces.

Employing this form of education to our current educational systems will only bring more good than harm.

There you go! Make sure you try out an educational app and see how well it goes for you.

Vitamins, Supplements And Foods For Optimum Brain And Memory FunctionVitamins, Supplements And Foods For Optimum Brain And Memory Function

Vitamins, Supplements And Foods For Optimum Brain And Memory Function

Vitamins are organic compounds needed by the body in limited quantities. The body either doesn’t produce vitamins or produces some in small amounts. Therefore, we need to eat foods rich in vitamins to supply the body with adequate quantities. Studying is an important activity that necessitates clarity focus and optimum brain function. It has been proved that particular supplements, vitamins and foods help increase and sustain brain and memory function. Optimum brain and memory function, are beneficial when it comes to helping one excel in their exams. This article discusses the vitamins, supplements and foods that help maintain optimum brain and memory function and, thus, help us excel in our exams.

Vitamins, Supplements And Foods For Optimum Brain And Memory Function


• Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 maintains brain nerve cells and helps sustain proper concentration, memory and overall healthy brain function. By consuming food rich in Vitamin B-12, you will build more resilience, better concentration and improved memory.

Research has linked low learning capabilities with low levels of vitamin B-12 in the body. On the other hand, individuals who have demonstrated high learning capabilities have been found to have adequate vitamin B-12 in their body. For optimal brain, functioning take about 200 to 500 mcg of Vitamin B-12 daily.

• Vitamin C

Vitamin C is involved in producing the neurotransmitter norepinephrine in the brain, which controls response and attention. Taking vitamin C also helps reduce oxidative stresses. When taken while preparing for exams, it is highly beneficial, as it keeps the mind free from stress, thus significantly improving a person’s focus. Vitamin C can be sourced in a variety of vegetables and fruits, including spinach and broccoli.


• DHA Fresh Cat Fish Oil

DHA facilitates blood circulation into the brain, promoting crystal-clear thinking, good concentration, and improving overall brain function. It has also been proven to positively affect mental and emotional health and improved cognitive capabilities even among the elderly. For babies, it can be found in child formulas and baby foods. Adults can source it in nuts and fish

• Theanine

This is an amino acid-rich in soothing properties and is mainly found in green tea. It improves a person’s focus levels, which is very important when studying for your final exams. Theanine is even more effective when taken in combination with caffeine.

• Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 helps optimize several body functions including, liver function, brain function, sight and many others. It also has essential vitamins that help improve cognitive functions, including the duration that one concentrates. Other advantages of omega 3 fatty acids include, it has been proven to improve memory, and an individual’s ability to complete tasks without getting distracted. Foods that you can sources Omega 3 Fatty Acids from include, Chia Seeds, Fish, Salmon and Oysters


• Berries

Berries have flavonoid antioxidants, which have been proved to be beneficial to the brain. Antioxidants help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. Some of the positive effects of antioxidants in berries include:

• Lessens inflammation throughout the body

• Reduces age-linked cognitive decline

• Enhances communication between cells in the brain

• Boosts memory and learning by helping the formation of new connections in brain cells

Berries rich in antioxidants include

• Mulberries

• Blackberries

• Blueberries

• Strawberries

• Blackcurrants

• Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate comprises cocoa, which has flavonoid, a well-known antioxidant. The brain is extremely susceptible to oxidative stress, which increases the likelihood of brain illnesses and age-linked cognitive decline. Antioxidants help reverse this. Flavonoids in cocoa have been proved to encourage the formation of blood vessels and neurons in parts of the brains responsible for learning and memory. They also help stimulate the flow of blood to the brain

• Peanuts

Peanuts are excellent sources of proteins and unsaturated fats which helps keep a person energized all day long. Peanuts also keep the brain healthy by providing important minerals and vitamins, including, resveratrol and vitamin E.Resveratrol is a non-flavonoid antioxidant that has been proven to prevent neurological diseases including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

• Avocados

Avocados are excellent sources of unsaturated fats. Monounsaturated fats are known to lessen blood pressure and reduce cognitive decline as high blood pressure has been linked with mental deterioration.

In conclusion, this article has discussed the vitamins, supplements and foods you ought to take to ensure you have optimum brain health which is very helpful while studying for your exams. An important point you need to keep in mind is always to source your supplements and foods from reputable shops. Online reviews of stores about vitamins and supplements online will help you identify the reliable shops by answering questions such as is chemist 4 u safe

PTE Writing Tips To Improve The Essay ScorePTE Writing Tips To Improve The Essay Score

PTE Writing Tips To Improve The Essay Score

Have you ever taken any PTE test? Do you have any idea about the Proper PTE Writing tips when you are doing the PTE preparation? We have listed the writing tips for your PTE exam preparation. Follow the tips to improve your PTE writing score.

PTE Writing Tips To Improve The Essay Score 1 - PTE Writing Tips To Improve The Essay Score

Clever Tips To Increase the PTE Writing Score

Follow these tips to pass in the PTE test with the flying colors and get the good scores in the written test. Make sure to implement the tips and you will feel the difference in the results.

  • Don’t oversee the instructions written on the writing test, for example, don’t exceed the word count. If you have the limit of 200-300 words, don’t write more then that.
  • You must read the topic of the essay carefully and then start writing. Don’t hassle in writing the essay.
  • Make sure to write the essay in the formal language. The informal language will let your score down. 
  • Avoid using the bullet points. Make sure to write the paragraphs.
  • Paragraphs must be concise and to the point.
  • You must avoid slang.
  • Use the correct phrases in the paragraphs.
  • Show varieties of the basic, compound and complex sentences
  • Be cautious with the grammar, for instance, tenses, plural. etc
  • Make certain to use the correct spellings.
  • Don’t use capital letters every now or then. Just use them in at the start of the sentence and the first letter of the name and so on.
  • Use the correct punctuation for the better score.
  • Give a relevant example to explain your point.
  • Don’t use too many examples in one paragraph, it will look messy.
  • Continuously go through 2-3 minutes to check the exposition in the wake of finishing it
  • Check for all the mistakes that you used to make while rehearsing particularly spelling blunders.

Make sure to apply these tips and for the further preparation, join PTE Course Dubai at any institute for the better PTE exam preparation.


If you want to improve the writing score, you may take any PTE Course or you can join any institute for the PTE Exam Preparation in Dubai. In addition to that, you can just go through the tips below and revise the course for the PTE exam preparation.

  • Word limit is an important factor in written tasks, you must read the instructions carefully before starting your written exam.
  • Write in just 1 sentence. Don’t drag the sentences, they should e short and concise.
  • If you are writing complex sentences, you must use them wisely and the vocabulary must be decent. Utilize complex sentences shrewdly.
  • Grammar is an important factor in writing paragraphs. Utilize the connectors suitably.
  • Don’t move out of the context and stay attached to the related context.
  • When the paragraph is completed, you must cross-check the word count.

We wish you good luck with your PTE test and hope that you get a good score in the test. You can join the PTE course Dubai for the PTE preparation. But if for any reason you are no able to join the institution you can follow the tips for the PTE exam preparation.

Outdoor Gazebos Can Boost Learning SpeedOutdoor Gazebos Can Boost Learning Speed

Outdoor Gazebos

Outdoor Gazebos

Research shows that children learn better when they learn outdoor. Particularly for young learners, who are naturally active and inquisitive, an outdoor classroom is a natural place to nurture their enthusiasm. By taking learning outdoors, it becomes a multi-sensory experience that children and young people not only love but benefit from.

Perhaps best of all, an outdoor classroom shifts the focus from reading about nature to actually being in nature and directly experiencing their learning.

So why should your school buy a hexagonal gazebo? Here are the best reasons why a dedicated outdoor classroom is a great investment for your school.

Boost Positive Attitudes About Nature

Studies have shown that even if you already have a positive attitude to the environment and the natural world, it’s reinforced by spending time learning outdoors. Not only do children raise their awareness of environmental issues, but they embrace more responsible behaviour, too. And that better behaviour outside the classroom carries on even when kids are back inside.

Multiple Studies and Learning Styles

Listening to bird songs? That’s music. Create a scarecrow and it’s an art project. Distinguishing what’s poisonous or not, what are native flora and fauna, and how you measure out a flowerbed are all multi-disciplinary activities that foster different learning styles, making your outdoor gazebo classroom truly inclusive.

Sends a Positive Message About Your School

A gazebo classroom is an excellent way to send a really positive message about the attitudes of your school to learning, the local community and the environment. And by creating a dynamic and beautiful space for children to learn and play in, you send a great message about your school that parents will understand and appreciate.

Blur the Boundaries

Learning through creative play is fun for kids and helps you to engage with everyone in the classroom. By blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, learning and play, the gazebo classroom becomes a really valuable asset to your school. If you foster your young learners’ sense of fun, you’ll create pupils who want to learn as they grow.

Improve Memory Skills

One way to improve your memory is to challenge the way you recall things by doing something new and experiencing the unfamiliar. This can release dopamine into the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for creating memories. An outdoor gazebo classroom offers plenty of fresh stimuli that can help the brain lock in all the information your pupils learn while they’re outdoors.

Problem-Solving Skills

When you introduce outdoor learning, you’re introducing your pupils to the idea of the interconnectedness of life and nature. Being exposed to this idea can have some unexpected benefits for young people. Human beings have a deep need to interact with nature, and an outdoor classroom can make this accessible to all your pupils, regardless of their home circumstances. Better yet, they’ll learn different ways of problem-solving by observing complex natural systems – a good reminder that sometimes we need to look for holistic solutions, not rigid and linear ones.

Movies That Inspires The Education WorldMovies That Inspires The Education World


Here are 8 movies that can inspire, remind about the importance of educator work, and make the teachers proud and inspired.


1.Stand and Deliver (1987)

Classic movies that illustrates the important role of teachers in today’s society. Edward James Olmos, in this true story, acts as Jaime Escalante, a teacher who has a much higher set of views on the concept of revolutionary education, until his efforts are able to get his students to pass the Calculus AP exam. Just look at the movie to see the other interesting side, because it is fantastic movies to watch.

2. Dangerous Minds (1995)

This film tells about the teaching of English in a school in a harsh city, Michelle Pfeiffer plays a teacher named LouAnne Johnson, an English teacher who can win the sympathy of her students, previously labeled the ” Unteachable “students, through care and deep understanding. Dangerous Minds does not fall into the insignificance of sentimentality, but it teaches us the importance of making our own choices and not letting the state of being a king that continues to haunt our future. Relation to English, The film teaches me a lot that teaching a language is not merely a technical teaching, but also a teaching of taste, because language is a wonderful and incomparable tool of human interpersonal communication.

3. Lean on Me

Morgan Freeman plays Joe Clark, a Principal who has a tough task to bring high discipline and willingness to learn on Eastside High School students in New York. While the case is that he is not always as vulnerable as other teachers, which he says would be great if a principal emphasizes the importance of discipline and learning in school. This film shows the importance of having strong and firm leadership.

4. Mr. Holland’s Opus

The film is very impressive and gives all teachers the hope and thought that they really do have an impact on their students. Richard Dreyfuss is a musician / composer who must take up a job as a teacher to support his family’s economy.

5. Dead Poet’s Society

Robin Williams delivers an amazing performance as an entirely unconventional English teacher in a very conventional private school (read conservative). Her genuine affection and inspiration of her teaching methods had a great impact on her students. Furthermore, Poetry’s reading by Williams seemed amazing.

6.To Sir With Love

Produced in 1967, this film tells the story of Sidney Poitier. Certa in it inspires many of us about how to teach today. Poitier took up a teaching position at a school in the harsh London suburbs to pay off his bills piling up. Realizing that his students need to be taught life lessons that are more important than the existing curriculum. He throws out all the conventional learning plans he has put together and makes a real and extraordinary influence on the personal lives of his students.

7. The Miracle Worker

Noun 1. miracle worker – a person who claims or is alleged to perform miracle (a person who claims or is suspected of being able to present miracles)
A pretty classic movie (1962) that tells about the miracles in teaching. Anne Bancroft plays Annie Sullivan who uses ‘love hard’ to Helen Keller, who is blind and deaf, played by Patty Duke. Very few people can watch the scenes in this movie without experiencing a sense of victory and relief. This film gives an idea of ​​the importance of perseverance. Both Bancroft and Duke won an Academy Award for this film.

8. Renaissance Man

Danny DeVito’s performance as a teacher of ‘Double-D’s’ is amazing, a humorous and inspiring teacher. What seems to be just a mild comedy, but actually behind it has a much deeper meaning. Character

You can watch all of this in

kw8tyw5 - Movies That Inspires The Education World

A Nice Collection Of Quotes Relating To EducationA Nice Collection Of Quotes Relating To Education

quote 72 - A Nice Collection Of Quotes Relating To EducationA lot of people will start every single day off serious about a number of the well-known quotes that have been stated all through our historical past. Defined as ‘the method of changing the behaviors in desired path’, Education stands not solely as a tool of success but a highway towards it. Knowledge expands the imaginative and prescient that increases the likelihood of success, and education by altering the behaviors in desired directions (positive) gives a platform for that imaginative and prescient to get expanded, as a result of such one turns into in a position to outline the strategies in significantly better approach.

For them, this was a golden alternative to make their children anxious and in some cases hysterical with fear; simply in order that they could claim that their kids had been being harmed by the very dialogue of elevated regulation of dwelling education.

It should, nonetheless, be confessed that this species of scepticism, when more reasonable, may be understood in a really cheap sense, and is a obligatory preparative to the examine of philosophy by preserving a proper impartiality in our judgments and weaning our mind from all those prejudices which we might have imbibed from education or rash opinion.

There are times when even probably the most skilful learner should admit to himself that for the time being he’s attempting to butt his head by a stone wall, and that there is no such thing as a sense in it. At such occasions academics are inclined to make use of students as a form of human battering ram.8451ede0e32174b561744f00aa43f77d education quotes for teachers teaching quotes - A Nice Collection Of Quotes Relating To Education

And Malala’s case does not divert attention from the true issues, however she is actively working for offering free education for those same children you are speaking about, and doing so by not only speakign out towards extremism and terrorism but additionally speaking out in opposition to poverty and wars.king - A Nice Collection Of Quotes Relating To Education

Accredited On-line School And University PackagesAccredited On-line School And University Packages

As lecturers and counselors, you know that the elementary school years are vital. The article goes on: ‘The classroom has completely modified,” says the associate dean of instructor education at the University of British Columbia. The Ministry of Education, Science and Know-how is answerable for national insurance policies and programmes that assist Kenyans access quality and reasonably priced, college education, post-faculty, greater education and tutorial research.

See what can be performed to help your son get the education he needs to succeed – possibly a instructor’s support within the classroom to help him focus and complete his duties. Dad and mom and academics of Detroit public schools students believe closing down faculties won’t improve education of their metropolis.

Brown or black versus the Board of Education is not the white particular person’s drawback. First, on-line education is simply too expensive for the goal group of learners and second, there’s the notion that on-line Colleges and Universities don’t provide holistic education like the standard Faculties and Universities.

I imagine that a person can, via correct education and beneficial life experience, enhance their IQ. The need for data is of more significance than the potential in many circumstances. Education is each effort to advance the character, bodily pikiranserta youngster in an effort to advance the perfection of the which resides life in harmony with child danmenghidupkan nature and society.

While taking courses, take care to learn as much as attainable about studying, writing, math, particular education curriculum, studying styles and educating types. Patria serves because the Assistant Deputy Counsel to the Chancellor on the New York City Department of Education, an organization that services 1.1 million kids.

Secondary College Programs Or Student LoansSecondary College Programs Or Student Loans

education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self confidence education quote - Secondary College Programs Or Student LoansJust shy of 100 days in office Donald Trump has offered America a invoice of goods price lower than a hill of beans. See, Donald Trump purchased the pageant, and after his many racist comments, a number of international locations decided they did not need to be a part of his show. There are particular issues and policies that must be addressed and fixed, and I feel I could do a significantly better, extra equitable job, than your current nominee.quotes education is 8786 2 - Secondary College Programs Or Student Loans

Lastly, I have 60 years of experience as a pupil, trainer, and volunteer in public education. We are watching to see if now we have discovered the management for efficient public education that we are able to help. During the general election campaign, I emailed each the Trump and Clinton campaigns regarding their views on special education.

Our subsequent Education Secretary must understand that the public faculty system benefits the collective, and that removing tax dollars for people hurts everybody in the identical means. There are different grant applications that require less of each student and may provide extra financial supplementation over the course of your college*pics*118479 o - Secondary College Programs Or Student Loans

The US Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, is urging faculties and parents to do all they can to forestall these modifications from occurring. Without a doubt that donation made DeVos an ideal match for Trump’s Secretary of Education. Since scripting this, there have been many new points concerning education and the alternatives school districts make.

My rating would not matter, however this web site does provide entry to all kinds of education blogs out there. AFC can be a trustee-stage member of ALEC, which means whenever you see ALEC pushing privatization, you will see that the DeVos fingerprints on their work.

Utilizing Online Educational Video games To Teach Your YoungstersUtilizing Online Educational Video games To Teach Your Youngsters

Enhance scholar engagement & fact fluency with our free multiplayer educational video games, math video games, language arts video games, and more! Such software kits are excellent for preschool house owners in addition to parents who want their youngsters to enjoy the advantages of those software at home. Attempt the demo games right here for a sample of the educational video games out there by means of Thinking World.

The games require listening expertise and critical considering abilities that will enable your youngster assist read better as well. We are completely devoted to build user pleasant games associated to enjoyable and learning for higher educational familiarities and enjoyment for kids.

Students, working as designers, can work collectively to determine tips on how to outfit standard video video games with assistive-know-how tools that students of any skill can get pleasure from. The very best technique of circumventing the educational aspect, in fact, was to focus primarily on the illustrating process.

Apart from teaching one thing good to the kids, such games also improve the sense of belonging among children. In addition, the Nationwide SCRABBLE Affiliation sanctions over a hundred and fifty SCRABBLE tournaments and greater than 200 golf equipment within the U.S. and Canada every year.

What higher means for them to learn than to play video games and spend high quality time with their mother and father and households. Kiang, pc science instructor and edtech advocate, exhibits how the Inform7 language, the Minecraft game and the Maker-pleasant Arduino package can improve studying in high school, center college and elementary college school rooms.