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5 Ways Food Insecurity Can Affect a Child’s Intelligence5 Ways Food Insecurity Can Affect a Child’s Intelligence

For most school-aged students, having food at the table is a privilege that many other school students do not afford due to various challenges often necessitated by finance.

5 Ways Food Insecurity Can Affect a Child’s Intelligence

From the opinions of users on UK.collected.reviews, many school children in the UK today face various instances of food threat and the ongoing reality of going to school hungry. Food insecurity, especially amongst school children, is a growing crisis amongst children from low-income homes in the UK. This even grew in proportion with the emergence of the global pandemic which forced the government to strategize with a handful of the best food companies in the UK to distribute food items to school children weekly.

Another equivalent of this is the food bank movement which seeks to eradicate hunger in the UK. There are many effects of food insecurity amongst school children and here are some of the ways they manifest.

1. It Affects their Education Performance:

It is very easy to write off the basic function and benefit of food security especially amongst school children. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all crucial to their body and mindset building. Not having a regular 3-square meal a day has a critical effect on a child’s ability to perform properly both physically and intellectually within the school.

2. It Affects Brain Development:

The availability and quality of food affect a child’s health as well as their brain’s ability to function properly and also develop. Food plays a vital role in brain development as there are essential nutrients in the contents of foods that are responsible for developing cognitive ability within a child’s brain. The mere lack of food, of these nutrients, causes a deficit which could hamper brain development.

3. Poor Health:

Research points out that food insecurity often contributes to poor health and health instability in a child’s life. Every child needs food for proper functioning and when it’s lacking within the body system, the child is often faced with health challenges which are often a result of the body going weak due to the inability to maintain function. When this happens, a child is likely unable to meet up with academic requirements due to their unstable health condition.

4. It Reduces Productivity:

Malnourished lessens productivity especially in children. Children require a healthy intake of food for proper functioning. The lack of food or the instability of food or even just the availability of unhealthy food places a child at risk of performing well intellectually. Food builds strength, it builds the body and when it’s constantly lacking in a child, the child is bound to be unproductive in academics.

5. It Prevents them from Social Functions:

When the body is constantly weakened due to lack of food, a child finds it almost impossible to be of sound mind and partake in social functions including within the school.

Food security plays a vital role in determining a child’s intelligence because where it’s lacking or the mere scarcity of it, a child is often at a disadvantage of keeping up with the stress of education.

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